January 19, 2011


Have had some bad experiences when I've let the wife pick places to eat. But she was determined to redeem herself this time, and she had a slow day at work, so she scoured the foodie blogs to find this discreet izakaya on Anhe Rd. The menu looked good enough, but she especially liked the decor, too. The restaurant also doubled as an art gallery, displaying ceramics-ware from 田中恆子 Tanaka-san for sale. On a weekday it was no problem with a table. Most of the other diners were families from this well-off area. Most of the other diners were families from this well-off area, with children coming to dinner straight from school, still wearing the uniforms of their expensive private schools.

和魚酒菜 田中恆子的器

和魚酒菜 - Mains The pre-meal amuse featured some lively Japanese-style cold appetizers with a Taiwanese touch: firm tofu, fruity pickles, and soy-dressed spinach. The typical lettuce salad is replaced by a warm bowl of broth-braised veggies on a cold day. The fried tofu was coated with a crunchy coating of bonito flakes on the outside, soft creamy tofu on the inside. More importantly, it was drizzled with enough good soy sauce to flavor the entire cube without overwhelming the delicate soybean flavor of the soft tofu.

The fish of the day was perfectly grilled with crispy charred skin and juicy flaky meat, which went well with the healthy five-grained rice, perfectly cooked. The signature angel-hair pasta in rich uni sauce featured a couple slices of fresh uni on top, just to show you they're serious about this uni thing. Saffron gives the noodles the bright yellow color and a hint of chiles for spice.

It's just a bit too far from home to walk, not too close to an MRT station, and impossible to park nearby. Too bad for us, good for those lucky enough to live right nearby, though.

Fried Tofu

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