November 19, 2010

Restaurant Chinon, Appi Grand Annex

Restaurant Chinon, Appi Grand Annex Not The Best But Still Not Bad

Our tour bus wound its way up mountain roads to the Appi mountain resort, where we were staying at the Appi Grand Annex for the evening. The air was getting chilly and there were signs of the snow on the ground, but it was still a few more weeks before the ski resort would open for business, so it was definitely the slow season. I imagined the travel agency got quite a deal on the rooms, which had plenty of closet and bathroom space, much unlike the typical Japanese hotel room, in order to accommodate skiers and their gear. And there was the obligatory onsen hot spring bath to soak away any lingering chills.

Our tour group had the hotel restaurant mostly to ourselves. A little bit of DIY yakitori action for dinner. Definitely a step down from the our other hotel's dinner offering. But still better than most Japanese set meals you'd find in Taiwan or US. And the kid loved the tender chicken chunks fresh off the grill pan.

Appi Grand Annex

Posted by mikewang at November 19, 2010 07:00 PM