February 13, 2011


The best part of southeast-Asian cuisine is suppose to be its local street-eats. But wife doesn't particularly like the spicing of Indonesian cuisine, and random food stalls are no-go with the fetus to worry about. Weren't particularly impressed with the hotel's restaurant for dinner. On the other hand, we didn't want to settle for some random tourist-trap place in town, either. So I decided to splurge and booked dinner at the supposedly nicest Western-style restaurant in town, and hired the hotel's shuttle van to take us there and back.

The restaurant was surprisingly large. The front of the house was just recently expanded into a lounge bar with low-slung sofas and tables and offering drinks and small plates. The outside sign also mentioned catering, cooking classes, and other offerings available. In the back was the lush outdoor dining area which was the primary restaurant seating on this pleasant evening. The crowd consisted mostly of monied tourists and well-heeled expats, so we blended in well enough. The primary garden space being mostly full, we were seated at an open-air pavilion looking down into the garden. That was fine with us, the pavilion roof and lights providing just a little more illumination than the garden, which was only dimly lit with a few atmospheric bulbs strung across the trees and candles on the tables.

First they brought out a tray of local ingredients like lemongrass, keffir lime, rambutan, etc. and explained that the menu would utilize each of the ingredients in turn. Despite that, the cuisine still felt quite Continental, maybe Nouvelle Cuisine, but not quite as aggressively fresh & local as Californian restaurants (foie gras? really?). Nevertheless, it was a fine meal and fits well with the whole Four Seasons vacation theme. Next time we'll do more seek out the local hole-in-the-walls, although that may be tough to do in touristy-Bali.

Mozaic Sign Mozaic, Garden Dining Area Mozaic Lounge Having Just Stepped Out Of That Door

  • Appetizers

    • Sashimi of Tasmanian Salmon; in Fresh Grapefruit Yuzu Jelly, Citrus and Pink Grapefruit Sorbet

    • "Sere" Grilled Yellowfin Tuna; in a Crab Bisque, Curry Corn Ragout and Lemongrass Relish

      Mozaic - First Dish

  • Fish Dish

    • Hers: Seared Deep Sea Scallops; Earthy Beets, Liquorice Gelée, Smoked Milk and Black Olive Powder

    • Mine: "Daun Laksa"; Tempe Crusted Seabass Fillet, Baby Potato, Garden Vegetables, and Spiced Laksa Broth

      Mozaic - Her Fish Dish Mozaic - My Fish Dish

  • Savory

    • Crispy Seared Duck Fois Gras: Seasonal Plum Sorbet, Plum Gastrique and Candied Rosemary
    • Daun Korokeling: Rabbit Tortellini; Curried Green Beans and Parmesan Emulsion

      Crispy Seared Duck Fois Gras Daun Korokeling

  • Mains

    • Wife's Main, Substituted: Beef Steak instead of Victoria Rack-of-Lamb
      Vanilla Caramel, Braised Belgian Endives, Pickled Peach and Almond Emulsion

    • Jeruk Purut; Kintamani Suckling Pork
      Kaffir Lime Leaf Dressing and Gelée, Spiced Almond-Fennel Salad

      Wife's Main, Substituted Jeruk Purut

  • Desserts

    • Imperial Mandarins Souffléed with 'Guanaja' Valrhona Chocolate
      Mandarin Reduction, Turmeric Agar Agar and Fresh Yoghurt Sorbet

    • Markisa; Fresh Passionfruit Cream Baked In Phyllo Pastry, Cardamom Caramel, Milk Agar Agar and Coconut Sorbet

    • Petit Fours: Sweet bites of chocolate and coconut things.

      Mozaic - Her Dessert Markisa Mozaic - Petit Fours

Mozaic Restaurant
Jl. Raya Sanggingan, Ubud, Gianyar - Bali 80571

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