February 12, 2011

Ayung Terrace

Our two-night stay at the Four Seasons Sayan resort included an on-resort dinner in the package. After the five-hour flight and fighting through the crowded airport then crawling through Denpasar traffic, a quiet dinner on arrival seems just the thing. Especially with a cold, tasty local ale (for an extra charge).
Ayung Terrace Dinner Gado Gado

The throw-in dinner isn't going to blow anyone away with its gourmet cred, but to their credit they did offer a safe and sanitized taste of the local flavor. The gado-gado salad of string beans and other vegetables is dressed in a spicy, peanut-based sauce. The pregnant wife didn't appreciate the strong flavor of the exotic spices but that just means more for me, as she munched on the bread instead.

My main was nasi goreng, with fried Prawns and chicken sate. Wife was a little disappointed to find fried rice for a four-star resort meal. But I enjoyed the localized flavoring of a seemingly familiar dish. Especially combined with spoonfuls of the various sambals that accompanied the meal.
Nasi Goreng With Fried Prawns & Chicken Sate Sweet Tapioca Soup With Jellies, Ginger Sorbet

Dessert was sweet tapioca soup with jellies, an Indonesian dessert that's also within our comfort zone. The ginger sorbet on the side was a cool palate-cleanser. Good coffee on the side, too. Unfortunately the wife couldn't partake in that, either. But all was forgiven upon returning to the luxe villa for the evening.
Single Bedroom Villa

Ayung Terrace
Four Seasons Resort Bali At Sayan
Sayan, Ubud, 80571 Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia
+62 (361) 977577

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